Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Erik Spoelstra's Head is on the Block...and has been since day one.

Tell me that doesn't look a like lamb being led to slaughter
The Miami Heat ran around like a coachless, jittery, over-athletic playground team. The blame and subsequent ax will quickly fall on Coach Erik Spoelstra, whose offenses rarely went beyond 'stand around and let LeBron shoot' with an occasional 'stand around and let Dwyane Wade shoot' thrown in. My guess is Spoelstra and his inevitable sacking is a preordained release valve against the pressure of the Heat floundering around for a while.

Heat management isn't stupid; they're well aware it might take time for its triumvirate to gel, and while it does the media criticism, in light of the hype, will be vile. With Riley running things from the wings, the Heat can work on their game, lose a few games and then sacrifice Spoelstra as a scapegoat when things get real ugly. Pat Riley, whose been running things all along, role's in the wings to ostensibly save the day in what amounts to nothing more than brilliant image manipulation.

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