Monday, December 6, 2010

Steve Nash's Bounce Pass is like Crack for Hakim Warrick

In Sunday's Phoenix-Washington game, Hakim Warrick delivered another sledgehammer dunk off a Steve Nash pick & roll bounce pass.

While Warrick has averaged a modest 10ppg playing for Memphis, Chicago and Milwaukee, he's forming an interesting groove in Phoenix with its skipper Steve Nash.

Warrick's wiry 6'9 frame and quick hands let him explode to the rim, almost as if he's uncoiling. Catching a pick & roll pass on the go, his lankiness allows him to cock the ball back, giving him enough time to gather his momentum as he hurls himself towards the rim.

The key to optimizing this kind of a Steve Nash pick & roll is an ability for the receiver to essentially deal with whatever stands between them and the rim.

Much like Amar'e, Warrick has proven he can do just that.

Great off-season pick up. Phoenix management proves astute again.

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