Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will this be the NBA Photo of the Year? We Think So.

Depending on how everything pans without with the Heat, this could easily make NBA photo of the year. At the year least, it's a damn good depiction of what's been going on in Miami the last two weeks. The Heat have now won six consecutive games and swayed the fickle hordes of media jackals back on board. Yeah, GetrealHammered is right there with the rest of them, but with plays like this,

How can you not join the party? And the photo, well depending on how the next few years unfold, it could very well be one of those zeitgeist images that encapsulate the general mood of the beast, and where it's going next.

In the foreground you've got Dwayne Wade. Having left a pass for James to devour, has his hands outstretched kinda like a airplane ( a fitting metaphor) and kinda like he's saying 'This is what we can really do. See how easy we make it look? See what we're going to do this league, very soon?'. Behind Wade is LeBron James, about to crush his signature tomahawk dunk as he rises like Godzilla in space. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh is way in the back, out of the play, tiny and neglected. Just watching it happen.

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