Friday, April 22, 2011


The NBA finals have been pretty predictable this year. The Celtics are cruising along according to plan tonight and are busy knocking out the teeth of the Knicks. Even poor old Spike Lee must find this one tough to take. The boys from Boston are a force to be reckoned with in the post season, as per usual. We expect these guys to go deep into the finals led by the steady play of veteran Paul Pierce. These guys are carrying the torch in Bean Town for sports fans with the BoSox struggling early in the season.

We are also watching the Bulls and Heats in the post season. LeBron is leading his SouthBeach crew and the Sixers are paying the price. AS EXPECTED !!! As for Chicago, the Bulls are counting on Derrick Rose and he has not let them down. The United Center has to love the play by this standout team. They are clutch players as a unit but Rose is the kind of MVP candidate who could lead his team the whole way. Skill is one thing but skill and heart are key. Rose has them in heaps and he makes everyone one around him look better.

The Lakers are also looking good. This team is not our favourite for the championship but anything is possible. The post season is totally different than the regular season. Kobe knows that and he will play 200% in every game. It is going to be interesting ; NO DOUBT !!!

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