Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like Mike, Turns out Marcus Jordan Doesn't just Spend Money like His Father, He Dunks like Him too

The Jordan clan can rest a little easier knowing 19-year-old Marcus learned something else from Dad other than how to spend $56,000 in a Las Vegas night club. He learned how to dunk too.

In last night’s University of Central Florida-Stetson game, 2 of Marcus Jordan’s 15 points came from this one-handed boom session off a steal from a full court press:

While Marcus went on to get a technical foul for the post-dunk arm flexing show he gave the fans, the UFC Knights went on to beat the Stetson Hatters 85-58 and are now 4-0. Young Marcus is actually having a decent sophomore season thus far. But listed at questionable 6'3 and to be honest without much game, he’s no heir and won’t be making it the big leagues. Not a bad dunk though.

Here it is one more time in shoddier quality from a different angle.

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